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Living in Spain - Key Information

Spanish Banking

Spanish banking can be an adventure, with the Spanish banks having all the advantages and the foreign visitor often surprised by the different customs. Funds wired from overseas can take an extraordinarily long time to be available in your bank account in Spain, and even funds transferred within the same bank can float within the Spanish bank for many days before being accessible.

Some issues to consider when choosing whom to bank with in Spain:

  • Ability to speak English (if you do not speak Spanish)
  • Facilities to send and receive money from overseas
  • Whether they have a branch near your home or workplace

To open a Spanish checking account you will need to show your passport, your address in Spain, and your NIE number from your residence card. You should obtain a list of charges for services such as writing cheques and standing orders as Spanish banks levy some of the highest charges in Europe.

Bank Statements:
These will be in Spanish so if you will not understand it is a good idea to organise some translation services or have a Spanish dictionary handy. Statements are sent to customers monthly or quarterly, but you can request one at any time.

Some good questions to ask when opening your bank account in Spain:

  • When you receive bank statements?
  • When can you get an overdraft facility?
  • How soon can you get bank card, credit card and cheque book?

Payment for goods and services

Goods and services in Spain are usually paid for by the following methods:

  • Small amounts of goods (milk, bread, newspaper etc) - cash
  • Groceries - debit card or cash.
  • Utilities (Gas, Water, Electricity, Telephone) - Direct Debit
  • Rent - standing order
  • Repairs or medical bills - cash or cheque.

For more in depth information on this topic, we highly recommend:

Living and Working in Spain: A Survival Guide

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