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At present, the Spanish job market is robust, which makes working in Spain an achievable dream. The wages are generally lower than those in northern Europe, but the cost of living is lower and the overall lifestyle better. Most qualifications obtained elsewhere in the European Union are recognised in Spain with the workforce accepting foreigners into the community.

Obtaining a contract of at least 6 months from your employer will guarantee you the same rights as a Spanish employee. This contact should be read carefully so getting it translated if you do not speak Spanish is a good idea. Temporary contracts are generally offered for 3/6/9 months. After this contract expires, to keep you on, the employer has to offer a long-term contract to keep you on. They are not allowed to keep offering short-term contracts.

Work hours in Spain include a siesta (which is a 2 - 3 hour break in the afternoon). Most business shut down at this time and re-open in the cooler hours of the evening.

Spanish workers are, like the lifestyle, quite laid back with no great rush to get things done. Their rights are heavily protected from exploitation with employee contracts strictly adhered to.

Should you be dismissed from your Spanish job, and do not agree to the reasons, you can give a demand for a conciliation within 20 days of receiving the dismissal. There is no presentation of evidence here and as so relies on an agreement being reached between the two parties. If one is not reached you may then place a suit in the labour court. (juzgado del lo Social). If your dismissal is found to be unjust you will receive 45 days compensation for every year worked.

For those from outside the European Union (Spanish work permits are more or less automatic for EU citizens), getting a work permit can be an ordeal. A Catch 22 can arise - many Spanish employers will not hire without an existing work permit, but work permits are difficult to get without guaranteed employment based on special needs for a non-Spaniard.

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Career Information and Resources for Spain
Career Information and Resources for Spain

Career information and resources for Spain including: job search resources, employment trends, industry specific information, professional resources, financial considerations, resume/cv guidelines, work permits/visa regulation, and cultural advice.



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