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Wifi in Spain

Wifi internet connections can be had in Spain. While wifi is not as universally available as in the United States, an increasing number of Spanish hotels, schools, restaurants and cafes are making wireless internet connections available to their customers.

Spain´s main telephone company, Telefonica, has begun rolling out wifi services throughout Spain. Monthly subscriptions and prepaid six euro accounts (good for about an hour of use) can both be signed up for online. While coverage is still sketchy, Telefonica users can log on wirelessly from a variety of locations nationwide, such as the cafe at the Circulo de las Bellas Artes in Madrid.

Cafe Diurno (Calle San Marcos 37, in the Chueca neighborhood in Madrid) also has Wi Fi at six euros for one hour (must be used all at once) or 12 euros for a 24 hour period.

Free connections are harder to find, but as in other countries, wifi activists are creating and publicizing wifi hotspots in the major Spanish cities. One directory of such wifi locations can be found here.

In Madrid, free wifi is available with your meal or drink at Faborit, at the Sevilla metro stop, or at Cafe Panini at Campomanes 11 (between Opera and Santo Domingo, near Petra's International Bookstore). Espresso Republic cafes in Madrid claim to have wifi, but, in our experience, fail to deliver a usable connection. Throughout the city, if your antenna is sensitive enough and you are not concerned about security, unsecured wifi installations are available for use, although the legality of using such connections is far from clear.

One of the most interesting wifi installations in Spain is in the Castillian medieval town of Zamora, where the entire medieval center has been turned into a huge wifi hotspot.



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