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Bringing Pets to Spain

If pets have an International Vaccination Health Certificate or Pet Passport showing they can be imported into Spain without a quarantine. This will show they are inoculated and free from the diseases listed by Spanish Authorities. The health certificate must be issued no more than 15 days prior to bringing your pet into the country.

The International Health certificate must state:

· That your pet shows no signs of disease and has been examined before leaving the country.
·The indentification and origin of your pet
·That your pet has been vaccinated against rabies.

Animals must be accompanied by either owners or a representative and must have written certification that the cat or dog has been under the owners' supervision for at least 3 months before entering Spain.

If you are entering from Spain under the Pet Travel Scheme you will need an Export Certificate issued by the MAFF and a Good Health Certificate issued by within 5 days of departure by a vet.

If you are flying to Spain, you also should check with your air carrier before planning when and how to bring your pet to Spain. Some carriers will not transport pets in the luggage compartment during the summer due to the risk of harm to the pet from the heat.

If you are flying to Madrid, Dr. Elizabeth Nave, an American trained, English (and Spanish) speaking veterinarian can handle the Spanish end of the transaction for you at a reasonable fee. She also stays completely current on the regulations regarding bringing all types of pets into Spain. Her website is at: She is also a highly professional and compassionate vet who offers house calls if you need pet care in Madrid.

For more in depth information on this topic, we highly recommend:

Living and Working in Spain: A Survival Guide

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