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Spain Flag

spain flag The flag of Spain features three horizontal bands (top and bottom) with a yellow band in the middle. The coat of arms on the Spanish flag includes the royal seal framed by the Pillars of Hercules, which represent Gibraltar and Ceuta on either side of the eastern end of the Strait of Gibraltar.

An urban legend holds that the colors of the flag of Spain derive from the bullfight arena - with the red representing the bullfighter´s blood and the yellow the sand of the arena - but this has no basis in fact. The colors of the flag of Spain were chosen as they were the colors of King Ferdinand´s own coat of arms.

The current Spanish flag dates from the 1970s. To go to a website that discusses earlier Spanish flags, click here.

Click here to see this page with a larger flag of Spain.

For a printable PDF version of the Spanish flag, click here. If you prefer, right click the link, and download the PDF file directly to your hard drive.

Click Here to see Spanish flags, in every format from stickers, to desktop miniature Spanish flags, to large display flags of Spain, that you can buy.



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