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Barcelona Spain Guide


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is the historical capital of Cataluña and Spain's second leading city in both size and importance. In terms of charm, however, Barcelona yields first place to no one, with its rich history, Mediterranean vistas and unique culture making it an especially rich and rewarding city to experience.

In addition to being a major port and industrial center, it has a distinctive language and culture. Barcelona has an impressive architectural heritage that includes the Gothic Quarter, with its cathedral, the old City Hall Building, the Episcopal Palace and the splendid Palace of the Generalitat, the site of the Catalan government.

The city also boasts the work of the modernist architect Antonio Gaudi who gave Barcelona the better share of his works of genius. These include the unfinished church La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the Mil Home. See our Antonio Gaudi biography.

The Gothic Quarter is the oldest part of Barcelona which features a 13th-century cathedral, medieval buildings, and the City History Museum. Barcelona also has many museums, two of which are the Picasso Museum and the Museum of Catalan Art.

In contrast to the Gothic Quarter, the renovated waterfront has an aquarium, beaches, and other attractions. However Barcelona's modern image is summed up by the turn-of-the-century works of Antoni Gaudí: Parc Güell and the Sagrada Familia Church are his most well-known.

Barcelona´s official government language is Catalan, a romance language with elements of French and Spanish as well as its own unique charm. Banned during the years of the Franco dictatorship, it has re-emerged with a vengeance, although most Barcelonans also speak Castillian Spanish.

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