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Spanish Tourism Guide: Beaches in Spain

Beaches in Spain

Beaches in SpainThe Spanish seaboard is over 4,000 kilometres long, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea (on the eastern and southern flanks), the bay of Biscay (to the north) and the atlantic ocean (along the west and south). Spain has more than three hundred days of sunshine per year, average temperatures being 18° C - 30° C (64° F - 86° F). Its beautiful sunlit beaches receive millions of tourists each year from all over the world.

The Costa Brava coast has been sculpted by the Mediterranean sea, a rising shoreline which features scenic coves and spectacular beaches. Further south the Mediterranean is a more peaceful sea which laps against the beaches of golden sands in the popular resorts of a number of areas: The Costa Daurada (Golden), Costa del Azahar (Orange Blossom), Costa de Valencia, Costa Blanca (White) or Costa Cálida (Warm).

Three favourite destinations in Andalusia the Costa de Almería, Costa Tropical and Costa del Sol are popular with tourists looking for great beaches, leisure and entertainment facilities, shops and of course the sun and sea. Marbella is the undisputed holiday capital of the Malaga Coast and is an upmarket resort attracting world famous personalities to its shores.

The Strait of Gibraltar, links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean. On a clear day the African coast can even be seen. Andalusia's Atlantic coast has the presence of Cadiz and Huelva, with the so-called Costa de la Luz (Light) stretching along to the Portuguese border. The same Atlantic batters the north-eastern corner of Spain creating a landscape of deeply cut shores, small beaches and fjord-like inlets on the coast of Galicia. The entire Galician coast

The Bay of Biscay curls along the northern coast of Spain creating impressive and spectacular stretches of shoreline. Portside cities such as the elegant Gijion, Santander and Donostia-San Sebastián have sprung up here their beaches set against beautiful natural backdrops. Their cocktail of a great climate, a horizon of lush greenery and local architecture make the fringe of coast from the Basque Country through Cantabria and Asturias to Galicia, one of Spain's busiest summer tourist hotspots.

The Balearic Isles, surrounded by the clear waters of the Mediterranean have a series of beautiful cliffs, secluded coves and protected beaches when sun-lovers can come and worship. The Isles also provide a wide range of leisure entertainments when looking for a break from the sun.

The Canary Islands, volcanic in origin, are situated over 1,000 kilometres from the Iberian Peninsula, off the coast of North Africa. They have an exceptional year-round climate with superb beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sea and beaches at any time of the year. Popular resorts include the town of Puerto de la Cruz, in the south of Tenerife and Puerto Del Carmen in Lanzarote. The spectacular, rolling sand dunes of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria are a must see for any beach lover.



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