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Sports in Spain

Sports are a passion in Spain. No sporting country can claim stronger football (soccer) teams than the host country of the fabled Real Madrid and Barca futbol dynasties. As the second most mountainous country in Europe, Spain naturally plays host to ski resorts of high quality. Surrounded by water, Spain also offers wonderful sailing, enhanced by the award of the next America´s cup to Valencia, where the races will be visible from the shore. The sport of cycling enjoys great popularity in Spain, with legends such as Basque Tour de France champion Miguel Indurain continuing to inspire upcoming generations, and with the Tour of spain holding a place among cyclings great events. Spain´s temperate climate and spectacular scenery help create wonderful golf courses, which in turn have helped develop great golfers past and present. Basketball enjoys increasing popularity in Spain, with Spanish natives going on to stardom in the USA´s National Basketball Association.

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