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Area Guide: Extremadura

Extremadura is one of the most beautiful and least known regions of interior Spain. It contains beautiful cities with many different influences that can be seen: Roman, Moorish, Medieval and aristocratic.

The city of Cáceres has anold quarter ringed by old Moorish walls and watchtowers, full of Renaissance churches and palaces.

Trujillo is another Extremadura town with a well preserved medieval quarter. The Extremaduran tradition of sending conquistadores to the New World is also well illustrated in Caceres, with manorial homes built with plunder. On the Pizarro mansion, note the captive native americans carved into the stone work.

Mérida was one of the most important cities in Roman Spain and today retains a wide selection of monuments from that era: a well-preserved theater, an amphitheater, villas, a triumphal arch, a temple and an aqueduct can all be seen.

The medieval monastery of Guadalupe is in the mountains of eastern Extremadura. Its Black Virgin has made it an important place of pilgrimage for centuries.

Juste is another important Extremaduran monastery, remembered as the monastery to which Holy Roman Emperor Charles V retired.



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